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At GreatMinds International we equip, mentor and empower emerging young people to fulfil their God given destiny. We empower members of our global community to become leaders and entrepreneurs in nations across North America, Africa and all third world countries, to acquire skills and competencies to become agent of transformation, development and nation building.

Mandate: equip, mentor and empower emerging young leader

Vision: Raising Nation Builders.

Mission: To inspire, raise and equip leaders with entrepreneurial mindset and a strong passion to reposition the world.

The Journey So Far

August, 2020
We began with GreatMinds International in Nigeria in 2020.
August, 2020
Thursday, August 29, 2020
Inauguration of Nigeria Team
Thursday, August 29, 2020
October 1, 2020
Land is green, Celebration of Nigeria independence day
October 1, 2020
Saturday Trainings Ongoing
Exploring Agricultural businesses; E-commerce training; Use of Technology; Family Businesses
Saturday Trainings Ongoing

Testimonials1000 CEO BOOTCAMP has successfully trained thousands of young people, most of who now have enviable testimonials of the impact of our organisation.

I am privileged to be a beneficiary of Greatminds Investment Funding. Through the Mentorship and Moral support of our President I was able to bring my company from paper to reality. The knowledge and network opportunities have gained globally is unquantifiable. Dr Kings mentorship session will always challenge your status quo. Now I can boldly say I am the CEO and founder of Partpay Nigeria Limited
Tola Francis Olabanjo.
Partpay Nigeria Limited
My encounter with him on a phone call gave me a spark and a motivation to do more. Through his mentorship and funds from Greatminds, i officially the sum of #150,000 to Kickstart. One amazing thing about Greatminds is that they are not just kingdom angel investors but are willing to nurture you, train you to become globally relevant until they see you thrive. Aside from the initial disbursement when our company was passing through turbulence Greatminds came through morally and financially their support did not end at disbursal. I am fortunate to be part of an organization on a kingdom global assignment. Words cannot express my gratitude to God and the organization.
Ayoola Ogunware,
CEO Aware Educational Services.
Grinland Farms was borne out of crave for creativity and productive engagement during the National lockdown earlier in the year 2020. In the quest for knowledge, I came across Dr Victor King and Great Minds International through my husband who has benefitted immensely from knowledge acquired via Great Minds International platform. Having listened and acquired skills from various speakers/trainers on Great Minds International platform, I launched out into agriculture by starting Grinland farms. I started selling birds and also started acting as an intermediary between those that need to get their beds to customers. I also started selling bags of feeds to farm owners as the demand in my area increased and i have seen an increase in sales to more . With Great Minds International, I now enjoy a brand-new experience in Entrepreneurship
Mary Ogunware,
CEO Grinland Farms